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A Night at the Operation

"If you love old comedy movies, wisecracks, or humorous mysteries, check out Jeffrey Cohen's Double Feature mysteries. His latest book, A Night at the Operation, is his best yet... Elliot Freed's whole life is a mess. And, it's a fun mess for the reader. One scene in Elliot's office is worth the entire cost of the book. By the time you finish A Night at the Operation, you might be just as tired as Elliot. But, it's a glorious tired, due to chuckles and laughter. And, his characters, beginning with Elliot, are just wonderful. Cohen truly has written a tribute to all of those old zany comedies. If you need a pick-me-up, pick up A Night at the Operation."
Lesa Holstine, Lesa's Book Critiques

"With his dry wit and unending knowledge of classical comedy movies, Cohen assures that he will keep up the high standard of mysteries that began with his Aaron Tucker mysteries and continues with the Double Feature Mysteries... Cohen provides readers with a twisty plot that completely surprises even the most jaded mystery fan and the ending is satisfying to both Elliot and the reader. Here's to hoping that the series continues to entertain readers with humor, movie lore, and just plain good writing."
— Cindy Chow, No Name Cafe

"Lightly balancing humor with solid character development, these books are a pure delight. They may send you scurrying to netflix or your DVD player to rewatch the old movies Cohen describes so lovingly in all the novels (he must be the world's biggest Marx Brothers fan) but that's all part of the fun. If you're headed for the beach or a long plane ride, this is a writer who won't be a disappointment."
— Robin Agnew, Ann Arbor Journal

"A thoroughly fun-filled, light read with a character with lot of heart, this latest Elliot Freed mystery will have readers, new fans and old, calling for an encore."
—Jennifer Monahan Winberry, The Mystery

"All of A Night at the Operation’s humor is brilliant and witty, and a touch of suspense and romance makes this book an absolute joy to read."
—Sydney Thomas, The Genreview

"Jeffrey Cohen succeeds in creating a classic comedy caper with a large cast, chaotic situations, and relentless self-aware quips harkening back to the masters of movie humor. After all, with characters named Lennon and Hendrix, two happy ex-spouses, and a movie theatre trying to catch itself on fire, there’s a bevy of Marx-style comedy just waiting to happen."
—Bonnye Busbice Good, New Mystery Reader

"Aimed primarily at the people who will recognize all the classic movie homages in the plot, A NIGHT AT THE OPERATION is an amusing diversion... Although Elliot has a fairly high-stress life... this is not a high-stress book. Despite the topic, it is as light-hearted as possible, with Elliot ever ready to quote or imitate his beloved comedy characters. The plot is also as light as possible, large parts of it hinging on Elliot's proud resistance to all modern technology (with the exception of DVDs)... People looking for an amusing and undemanding read indoors during an April shower or outdoors on the beach might want to consider giving this Double Feature mystery a try."
— Linnea Dodson,

"It feels like Cohen is now finding the right rhythm for his series, a beat that is now driving us to the next one."
— Barb Radmore, Front Street Reviews

"The latest Double Feature amateur sleuth is an amusing homage to great comedic movies such as the title nod to A Night at the Opera. The investigative story line is zany and often over the top of Giants Stadium; while the movie trivia is interwoven into the wild plot. Way out fun, fans who relish a New Jersey screwball romantic mystery will enjoy the Freed tales."
—Harriet Klausner, Merry Genre-Go-Round Reviews

"There is mystery and suspense in full measure, the author's wonderful humor as well, with nary a page going by that doesn't elicit a smile, grin, or hearty laugh [sometimes embarrassing when reading in public]. Thoroughly enjoyable, and highly recommended."
—Gloria Feit, Crimespree Magazine

"Elliot is a wonderful cozy hero – and funny to boot. He’s a mensch everyone roots for. A Night at the Operation is a gentle and engaging mystery with great characters it’s easy for readers to care about. The writing is breezy, the plot satisfyingly complex. And a huge plus is the movie trivia that’s easily woven into the story. I’m happy that developments in A Night at the Operation bode well for a long lineup of entertaining stories ahead."
—Cozy Library

"The best one yet. Like the first two books, it includes lots of great classic movie trivia and hysterical one-liners. But there's also some very touching scenes, as well. Add to that a great mystery and you have a book that is well worth the read."
Rhonda's Corner of the World

It Happened One Knife

"Cohen's affinity for characters, his affection for films and his innovative plotting elevate It Happened One Knife. Cohen's wry sense of humor soars and puts him in the same league as other mystery authors who use comedy such as Elaine Viets, Jerilyn Farmer and Sarah Strohmeyer."
— Oline Cogdill, syndicated mystery book reviewer

"Okay, so It Happened One Knife is a terrible pun on the movie title It Happened One Night, but don't hold it against Jeffrey Cohen--either the title or the knife. Cohen, who has been described as "the Dave Barry of the New Jersey Turnpike" (which actually makes him, er, Jeffrey Cohen), is a first-rate comedic mystery writer."
— Omnivoracious (Amazon blog) (Jeff VanderMeer)

"Reading Cohen's book is like hearing a great story in a bar - conversational, amusing, and you just want to buy someone a beer when you are done - and then ask for more. Cohen creates wonderful characters and Elliot Freed is a guy who's right on the edge of nuttiness, but is so kind and big-hearted, that it's easy to forgive his obsession with old comedies... Lots of laughs, some nice red herrings, and a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon."
— Book Bitch (Staci Alesi)

"Fans of Jeffrey Cohen's SOME LIKE IT HOT-BUTTERED... will be thrilled with IT HAPPENED ONE KNIFE. Readers new to the series will find a motley group of endearing characters, a suspenseful read, and lots of humor. Unless you have no sense of humor at all, I don't think you will be able to resist chuckling out loud as you read through the pages.."
— (Cherie Jung)

"Elliot, the first-person narrator, is an absolute sweetheart. I really like the relationship between him and his ex-wife Sharon. In It Happened One Knife, their relationship appears to be moving from solid friendship to something a bit more complicated. Film buffs will appreciate all the movie references – but It Happened One Knife offers much more: smooth and witty writing, a pleasantly well-paced plot and a wonderful supporting cast for Elliot, who’s the undisputed star."
— Cozy Library (Diana)

"Elliot is a fabulous character who is funny without being obnoxious about it... Movie lovers will be thrilled with all the little insider jokes (beginning with Lillis’s and Townes’s names). Real movie buffs will understand all the references, others will just laugh until they reach the glossary in the back at which time they will laugh even harder at Cohen’s sense of humor. The mystery is well-paced and plotted with plenty of suspects for both the purloined film and the murders. It Happened One Knife is another fun entry into the Double Feature mysteries."
— (Jennifer Monahan Winberry)

"With this second book, this series really starts to gel... The more readers see of Elliot the more there is to love... While all of the supporting characters are interesting, Sophie, the snack bar queen, is laugh out loud funny as she turns feminist.

While the book is a "theme" mystery, one does not need to know, or care anything at all about comedy movies to enjoy the books in the series. However, if a reader happens to have any interest at all in film, the books are a gold mine of interesting film facts. Plus, the movie pairings, one classic and one recent, sprinkled throughout the book, make for a great list of titles to be rented."
— Mystery Morgue (Caryn St. Clair)

"It Happened One Knife is full of humor, mystery and wonderful characters plus a lot of movie history. Highly recommended for a lot of excitement and many laughs. I enjoyed Some Like It Hot Buttered but this book is even better. I love all Elliot’s employees and friends. A very interesting group."
— Bestsellers (Patricia Reid)

"Those who want a light, breezy mystery will rejoice in the fun of this series. I’m looking forward to the next one, A NIGHT AT THE OPERATION, myself, due in April. Even as someone who figured it out, it was Cohen’s characters that kept me involved, since they seem like such a nice bunch."
— Bookgasm (Bruce Grossman)

"I dare anyone to read this book and not run to netflix or the video store to look up a film mentioned. At the end of the book is a section on Funny Film Facts for Fanatics that is worth the price of the book. I'm looking forward to the next in the series."
— Deadly Pleasures (Maggie Mary Mason)

"Cohen’s greatest strength, I think, is his ability to create characters of distinction who nearly jump off the page in their intensity... you’ll find your own favorites among the various suspects in this charming cozy mystery.."
— Senior Reader

"For me, Cohen's greatest strength is his characters, and I'll continue to read his books for the characters even more than the humor... The teenagers in this series are great characters, particularly Sophie, who went from Goth teen to radical feminist. Cohen creates characters with heart. Jeffrey Cohen's It Happened One Knife combines great characters, humor, and suspense, with a little slapstick, in the tradition of the best movie comedies. You can't go wrong with Cohen's "Double Feature Mysteries."
— Lesa's Book Critiques

"Jeffrey Cohen shows why he is a wonderful mystery author with his humorous yet action-packed investigative tale. It Happened One Knife is fast-paced but contains a quirky cast who insures the audience will believe they are at a comedy show instead of in an amateur sleuth novel. Elliot is the terrific star in this comedic cozy."
— Harriet Klausner

Some Like It Hot-Buttered

"Some Like It Hot-Buttered was a delight to read and Elliot quickly joined the ranks of my favorite cozy heroes. The plot was fresh, the writing sparkled and the scene in which Elliot confronted one of the perpetrators inside the theater was worth the price of the book... Some Like It Hot-Buttered is just plain funny."
— Mystery News (Diana Vickery)

"What's not to like in Jeffrey Cohen's Some Like It Hot-Buttered when murder-by-popcorn launches a movie theater sleuth series with the comic and clever Elliot Freed?"
— Mystery Scene Magazine

"A twisty mystery with lots of laughs and lots of heart. This is the first in the "Double Feature" mystery series, and hopefully it won't be too long a wait for the next." (Stacy Alesi)

"Not only is the book funny, which you would expect from Jeff Cohen, but it is also well-plotted (also expected) and loaded with plenty of mis-direction. Plus you get to meet another terrific bunch of characters for whom the author obviously has great affection."
Mystery Ink Online (Yvette Banek)

"Some Like It Hot Buttered... should give him the attention he deserves. The humor and approach in Some Like It Hot Buttered has garnered Cohen comparisons to Janet Evanovich."
— Sun-Sentinel Off the Page (Oline Cogdill)

"Cohen fires up the gag reel for a new tongue-in-cheek mystery series sure to please fans of his Aaron Tucker mysteries (As Dog Is My Witness). Cohen develops his lively characters almost as effortlessly as he delivers the jokes—and the occasional guffaw—and manages to sneak in some suspenseful twists besides."
Publishers Weekly

"SOME LIKE IT HOT-BUTTERED is nicely written, humorous cozy, with a male lead, for a change. It's a fast read and makes for a fine afternoon's entertainment. It looks like the start of a wonderful new series."
— Reviewing the Evidence (A.L. Katz)

"Early on in Jeff Cohen's Some Like It Hot-Buttered, his hero, Elliot Freed, explains that despite his own wisecracking ways and his loving comedy so much he created a movie theatre dedicated to it, he hates when friends forward him every email joke they see, because he doesn't like jokes. The difference is about wit and humor vs contrived stories that are nothing but the artificial set up for a punch line.

It's a difference Cohen gets right in his own writing. Sure, he rarely misses a chance for a wisecrack, but those are a believable and organic part of his characterization, with none of the feeling too many current "humorous mysteries" have that telling a real story comes in a distant second to fitting in as many would-be jokes as possible.

This a fast, fun read with a lot of character development and a lot of quirky humor. A story about people you believe in and care about, filled with wry grins and some rueful ones." (Kim Malo)

"One of the funniest mysteries of 2007... A strongly plotted mystery that ties in several wonderful comedy films, Hot-Buttered is a fun romp. Elliot is a sensitive yet funny character who manages to quip wherever and whenever. Anyone who likes their movies (or books) sprinkled with laughs will enjoy this page-turner. Cohen even includes details on the movies that Elliot shows in the theater."

"Even if you’re not a movie buff, you’ll love this first book in a new series... The author doesn’t go for the zany approach here; Elliot, who narrates, has a very dry and sarcastic wit. The mystery is almost a locked room affair, and will keep the reader guessing until the end."
CA Reviews (Deborah Hern)

"How can one author come up with someone as loveable as Aaron Tucker for one mystery series, and then another one just as sweet in Elliot Freed? I'm projecting great success for this series, since the first book manages to be fun and witty, and serious at the same time.

Cohen creates wonderful, likeable characters. Elliot's ticket seller, Goth-wannabe, Sophie, is priceless. Along with the rest of the cast, they star in a jumbled mystery, with a convoluted perfect ending that only Elliot could resolve. It's a witty, enjoyable mystery.

Jeffrey Cohen's Some Like It Hot-Buttered is perfect for anyone who needs a 'Comedy Tonight.'"
Lesa Holstine, Lesa's Book Critiques

"Some Like It Hot-Buttered is a wonderful treat for cozy mystery lovers! A smart and witty protagonist leads a dynamic cast through a vibrant first-person narrative filled with satisfying twists and turns. The first of what promises to be a wonderful series, Mr. Cohen shares intriguing movie trivia while readers get to know Elliot and the people in his life, such as Arthur (his father), Leo (his one regular customer), and Sharon (ex-wife and confidant). Funny and exciting, I simply can not wait to read more... recommended!."
Romance Readers Connection (Melissa Fowler)

"One thing the author hasn't lost is his wit, those looking for a few laughs will find plenty to enjoy with this offering... for the majority of readers, Elliot Freed will become an enjoyable new character... The author threw me for a loop this time. This makes Some Like It Hot-Buttered even more entertaining."
Roundtable Reviews (Tracy Farnsworth)

"Some Like It Hot-Buttered will keep you laughing till the end. Just when you think you have everything figured out, it turns upside down and everything you were sure of changes. I didn't figure out who had killed the man in Row S Seat 18 till the end of the book. It is a book I HIGHLY RECOMMEND."
ILoveAMystery Newsletter (Deanna Spencer)

"This is a very amusing book, all the more so if you're a fan of the great old classic comedies like Duck Soup and Young Frankenstein and (my favourite) Blazing Saddles. For a nice change of pace, get the book and relax into a world with no super-villains or chain saw murders, just a very entertaining read."
New Mystery Reader (Karen Treanor)

"SOME LIKE IT HOT-BUTTERED is a hilarious read, with quips and asides to movies and movie people. The plot is very believable, and provides a great insight into the comedy genre niche, which is sorely ignored all over the country. This reviewer thoroughly enjoyed SOME LIKE IT HOT-BUTTERED. The quick witted quips and great dialogue easily entertain, and the insights into human nature are a delight. This reviewer heartily recommends SOME LIKE IT HOT-BUTTERED, and is going to read the other novels by this accomplished author"

"It’s difficult to get through even a page of one of Cohen’s books without having a chuckle, and Some Like It Hot-Buttered is no different. Elliot Freed is the classic underachieving nice guy, but with an edge of dark humor that is impossible to resist...

If you enjoy humor in any form, you’ll get a kick out of Some Like It Hot-Buttered. If you like comedic mysteries, you’re in for a real treat. And, if you happen to like comedic mysteries and are a fan of classic comedy movies, you’ve hit the jackpot."
Curled Up With A Good Book (Angela McQuay)

"Grab a bag of popcorn from the microwave, find a comfortable seat and prepare to be entertained. Before the book ends you'll be wishing ther was a Comedy Tonight in your area. Can't wait to see what feature Elliot will be showing next and what mystery will reel him in."
Chattooga Press, Summerville, GA (Mason Canyon)

"The book is light, always amusing, sometimes downright funny, and quite compelling in a way that I rarely find cozies to be. Cohen may actually have a point to make about comedy and finding joy and humor in life that doesn't hammer you over the head. He also, frankly, writes a pretty damned good mystery. The puzzle's good and intricate enough to keep you guessing."
This Writing Life (Mark Terry)

"This is a very funny mystery... The characters are well-defined, the dialog frequently laugh-out-loud funny, and the plot adequately complex without being overly complicated. Some Like It Hot-Buttered is a terrific debut to a series that should have a lot of potential."
Mysterious Reviews

"The plot is nicely twisting, with enough action to keep the reader entertained. The conclusion is unexpected but not absurd. Cohen is known for his humor and it is fully evident in this one also... Elliot is a sweet main character who will have the reader rooting for his professional and personal lives to succeed. This is the book for anyone who wants to relax, chuckle a bit and get involved in a good mystery."
Front Street Reviews (Barb Radmore)


"Knock, knock.
"Who's there?
"Cohen who?
"Cohen buy yourself this most entertaining book."
—Larry Gelbart


"Many authors create good characters, but to create side-splittingly funny ones and make them believable is a tour de force. Jeffrey Cohen accomplishes that in his delightful Some Like It Hot-Buttered, which comes roaring in like a blast of fresh air."
—Denise Dietz, author of the Ellie Bernstein mystery series


Reviews of the Aaron Tucker Mysteries:

"Wonderful... As Dog Is My Witness is the perfect cozy, and suburban dad Aaron Tucker is the ideal holiday dinner guest."
—Betty Webb, Mystery Scene Magazine


"As Dog Is My Witness is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. I'm off to beg, steal or borrow the previous two."
Sharon Wheeler, Reviewing the Evidence


"Quirky, adorable, and downright funny, Aaron is a totally endearing antisleuth. Let's hope he keeps his screenwriting career on hold through a few more adventures."
—Mary Frances Wilkens, Booklist


"Do yourselves a huge favor and get your hands on the Aaron Tucker books. And buy extras for your friends! Trust me, you will endear yourselves to them."
—Yvette Banek, Mystery Ink


"A Farewell to Legs is total entertainment. A fast-paced and forward-moving story with witty dialog and three-dimensional characters... Cohen's characters and dialogue are so real, you'll feel like you're spending the day with old friends. I was still laughing, long after Tucker solved the crime."
—Ingrid Taylor, Small Press Review


"The best thing about Cohen's books is Aaron Tucker himself. A non-stop wisecracker who refuses to take anything seriously, Aaron is our best friend, our neighbor or even our husband... Cohen has definitely created a goldmine with his Aaron Tucker mysteries."
—Angela McQuay, The Best Reviews


"Cohen's dry sense of humor and warmth translates beautifully to the pages of his first novel. It doesn't take the instincts of an investigative reporter to predict that all readers of For Whom the Minivan Rolls will become lifelong fans of the both Jeffrey Cohen and Aaron Tucker. I recommend this book to readers of all genres."
—Pamela White,


"I'm not sure what is in the water in Jersey these days, but it's working for me. Asperger Syndrome is handled with grace, dignity and apparent honesty. It's a mystery indeed, but it's the characters that bring this story to life. They are endearing people, the kind you want to spend time with. And I'm glad I did."


"The mystery is top-notch, with some great twists and turns. Cohen's voice is fresh, the dialogue snappy, and his hero, Aaron Tucker, is very entertaining—he's someone you'll enjoy spending time with."
—Shannon Short, RT (Romantic Times) Bookclub


"In most novels, there is some one element that stands out—a brilliant plot, captivating characters, an intriguing setting or theme. In Minivan, it is the author's voice. Self-deprecating, self-doubting Aaron Tucker is a lot of fun. Aaron is an entertaining character—wisecracking, irreverent, but also endearing, someone you can imagine living in your neighborhood, next door even."
Margaret Chittenden, author of the Charlie Plato series


"If Stephanie Plum and Myron Bolitar had a child, it would be Aaron Tucker."
—Barbara Franchi,


Reviews of Jeffrey Cohen's Nonfiction Books:

"Finally, a book that addresses the PARENTS of children with AS. In The Asperger Parent, Jeffrey Cohen addresses parental challenges—difficult ones that parents frequently encounter (such as family and friends believing the problem is the parents' 'parenting style'). I highly recommend this WONDERFUL 'support' book for all parents of children with Asperger Syndrome."
—Diane Adreon, Associate Director, Center for Autism and Related Disabilities and a parent of a child with AS


"(The Asperger Parent) is a must-read for any parent of a child with Asperger Syndrome who has ever felt alone in the parenting experience. Jeff Cohen offers reassurance and camaraderie as a parent who has 'been there' and knows what it's like."
—Lisa B. Elliott, Author of Embarrassed Often... Ashamed Never


"Jeffrey Cohen has done it again! Another excellent book on the subject of autism spectrum disorders for parents and professionals. Guns A' Blazing effectively tackles the sensitive subject of parent-school relationships. While acknowledging that parents of children on the autism spectrum are the experts about their child and the disorder, he also recognizes that most school districts have the child's best interests at heart. Parent-school partnerships can and do work, and the key to success is to enter into the relationship with an open mind rather than 'guns a' blazing.' This book is a must-read for all those who live with or work alongside children on the autism spectrum!"
—Lori Shery, president, co-founder, ASPEN, Inc.


"What a wonderful book! This book provides much insight into the 'schooling' process for a child with Asperger Syndrome (AS). It highlights the challenges parents and professionals face when trying to provide effective educational experiences for a student with AS, sharing what Cohen and his wife have learned about working efficiently with school personnel. While it is an excellent book for parents of children with AS, we plan to use it as a required readings book in our graduate course, Methods for Students with Asperger's Syndrome."
—Marj Bock, Associate Professor and Director, Global Rural Autism Asperger Information Network


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