Comedy Tonight Mysteries

The Comedy Tonight Mysteries are back! All three titles are now available for all ebook formats and in print! See Home Page for details!

Some Like It Hot-Buttered
All Elliot Freed wanted to do was to make people die laughing. But he didn’t mean it literally.
The dead guy in Row S, Seat 18, is no joke. Elliot Freed, recovering writer, socked all his savings-and the alimony from his ex-wife-into the Comedy Tonight movie theater, never suspecting it would become a murder scene. And murder can’t be good for ticket sales…
Death by popcorn was the cause. Poisoned popcorn. To the chagrin of the police, Elliot takes to his bike to start his own investigation. A growing attraction to a beautiful detective, the discovery of a DVD pirating operation, and one missing employee later, Elliot’s still waiting for the punch line. But this one might knock his theater—and Elliot—out for good…
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It Happened One Knife
Elliot Freed couldn’t be happier: His all-comedy movie theatre, Comedy Tonight, is newly refurbished; things with his ex-wife are looking up; he’s even willing to screen his projectionist’s film debut. But what really has Elliot walking on air is hosting the legendary duo, Lillis & Townes, at a special showing of their classic comedy Cracked Ice.
Nothing can bring Elliot down—not a missing film, a bomb scare, or even a surly teenage girl. But when insinuations arise that one of his boyhood heroes may have been involved in a Hollywood murder decades earlier, Elliot crashes to earth. He sets out to discover the truth—but finds that he may be on the killer’s hit list…
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A Night at the Operation
Most men wouldn’t be terribly upset if their ex-wives suddenly vanished. But most men aren’t Elliot Freed. So when Sharon disappears, Elliot finds it impossible to focus on running Comedy Tonight. And when it’s rumored that Sharon might be somehow connected to a patient’s death—which looks like murder—Elliot embarks on a frantic search for his ex with help from her soon-to-be-second-ex-husband, Elliot’s passive-aggressive mother and desperate-to-please father, and his good friend Detective Meg Vidal. And the longer Sharon is gone, the less stable Elliot becomes…
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